First, our approved network agents are licensed and in good-standing with the state; they are full-time real estate professionals with a minimum of 5 years in the business, associated with one of the top brokerage firms, have a business track record of a representative number of completed transactions in the immediate community and price range where you will be purchasing a home, have agreed to our client service expectations and in most cases must be a certified Realtor.

Secondly, each home buying and selling situation is different. When you are ready to buy or sell, Homezie gathers information and conducts a personal interview with you to confirm your selling or buying area, price range, time frame and other personal needs. Homezie then applies our algorithm, interviews final top choice agents in our data base and recommends typically two (2) who are top producers in (a) the immediate area that you are selling in or looking to buy in (b) your home sale or purchase price range and (c) best fits your needs in all other areas.
Homezie guarantees satisfaction. Homezie agents have signed a service level agreement. You are under no obligation to utilize a Homezie recommended agent, even if you have already entered into a listing agreement or started your home finding process. You advise your Homezie consultant of your dissatisfaction, and we will either (1) correct the situation with that Homezie agent to your satisfaction or (2) we will re-assign you to a different agent or (3) you can opt out of working with Homezie and its network of agents to buy or sell.

Step 1: Contact Homezie first! To ensure you qualify for maximum benefits from Homezie, you should not engage with that agent until you have spoken with Homezie and understand your options.

Step 2:  Homezie will advise you if that agent is a member of its approved network. If yes, then  Homezie will contact that agent and discuss the needed agreements for your advantage. If your agent is not a member of Homezie’s approved network, Homezie will contact and interview that agent. If their qualifications meet Homezie criteria and agreement is secured, the transaction can move forward.

NOTE: Should your agent not meet our qualifications or elect not to accept needed agreements, please know you always have the option to still use that agent, however, you may forfeit your eligibility for certain benefits provided by Homezie.
Yes. You will still have access to other services and benefits on this move and future home related needs.
Yes, provided all terms and conditions are met. Secure a no-cost, no-obligation account with Homezie and talk with a Homezie representative to get the details and ask any other questions you have about Homezie buy, sell or other services.
No. You can only participate in one rebate or reward-type program per buy or sell transaction.