What To Expect From Homezie

  • Proprietary 24/7 Secure Technology

    The only single-source platform for every home changing need—buying, selling, renting, moving and more.

  • Personal & Experienced On-Call Advisor

    Dedicated subject matter expert to help with budgeting, planning and managing your home changing process

  • Tips, Tools, Checklists

    Self serve library for everything about changing home to help reduce time and simplify the overwhelming number of things that must be done

  • Top Supplier Choices

    Established national vetted network of real estate, moving, home lending and other suppliers that we match to your needs

  • Rebates, rewards, discounts

    Everything we do is about helping you save money and getting quality service

Why Use Homezie?

  • Simplicity: One stop shop for all home needs
  • Convenience: Curated choice of service providers matched to individual needs
  • Cost Savings: Average $4,000 savings by using our platform
  • Time Savings: Navigating complex processes is simplified and tracked in one place

Why Invest?

  • Our nationwide network of service providers can handle any demand for service. ​
  • We have a proven model that can be scaled rapidly to meet user demand. ​
  • Corporate partnerships provide stability and growth potential. ​
  • Our platform is user-friendly and easy to adopt

Homezie Benefits to Consumer:

  • Save on real estate commission with a flat 35% rate, regardless of whether you’re the buyer or seller. ​
  • Get access to our core relocation services for a fraction of the price, plus save on affiliated services when you use our platform. ​
  • Simplify your move with our easy-to-use online platform and get access to the best deals on key relocation services.​
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all transactions are handled by experienced professionals committed to your satisfaction.​

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