We understand the trauma of uprooting and moving Seniors

It is scary and upsetting for Seniors! Here is what they say:

  • Change is hard anytime. But this is very difficult.
  • I cannot do what I used to be able to do.
  • I have to leave what is familiar and holding memories.
  • I have to give up.
  • I have to go to something completely unknown.

It is overwhelming to both Seniors & their unpaid Family members. They comment:

  • What do we do with the house & valued things?
  • What can be kept and taken to new home?
  • What do we with the rest?
  • How do we get all of this done?
  • Who will help us?

Homezie Services & Solutions

We provide a personal advocate for every single transitioning senior.
  • Real Estate

    Buy, sell & rent homes.

  • Home Loans

    Get pre-approved for financing (or refinancing).

  • Household Goods

    Pack, move and unpack household goods.

  • Car Shipment

    Ship cars to your new location.

Other moving services for those moving and/or sitting tight.

What To Expect From Homezie

  • Proprietary 24/7 Secure Technology

    The only single-source platform for every home changing need—buying, selling, renting, moving and more.

  • Personal & Experienced On-Call Advisor

    Dedicated subject matter expert to help with budgeting, planning and managing your home changing process

  • Tips, Tools, Checklists

    Self serve library for everything about changing home to help reduce time and simplify the overwhelming number of things that must be done

  • Top Supplier Choices

    Established national vetted network of real estate, moving, home lending and other suppliers that we match to your needs

  • Rebates, rewards, discounts

    Everything we do is about helping you save money and getting quality service


Experienced Consultant

"...helped us make better decisions"

"..was always responsive"

"Jordan took my call on a Saturday .. this was not expected"

"...had patience to answer my many questions"

"...help with setting a budget for costs was extremely valuable"

Service Delivery

"very professional"

"objective and no pressure"

"personalized to my situation"

"Homezie saved me and my wife significant time"

"...gave me recommendations that reduced my moving costs by over 50%"


"my household goods move was top quality and I saved money"

"total savings covered about 30% of my closing costs"

"was so nice to get that check in the mail after closing"

"I saved about 30% costs with Homezie compared to others and guessing at least 40 hours of time over the entire process of moving"

Real Estate Agents

"now I understand the importance of having a top agent"

"the two home market analyses helped me price my home competitively"

"the agents recommended were outstanding"

"My selected buying agent was terrible; Homezie matched me to a Realtor that was excellent. Thank you"

Technology Platform

"very cool; one place to help me manage my move"

"the resource library was terrific"

"easy to navigate"

"...helped us make better decisions"

I" liked that the system kept me informed of the steps in the process"

"good information with options"